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Factory refurbished printers with 90 day manufacturer warranty. Availability is limited.

Afinia Color Label Printers Roll to Roll Systems and Accessories

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Afinia Digital Label Finishers

Afinia Printers are devices that print small to large quantities of labels for multiple uses, including product labels, box labels, shipping labels etc. This makes them an indispensable tool for e-commerce logistics. Whether you need labels for your new product or just need standard shipping labels to send packages; a label printer helps you achieve either flawlessly and efficiently.

Afinia Printers

To deliver premium-quality printing results on time, we bring you our trusted Afinia Label Printer collection. Businesses can control their label production with Afinia Label’s complete solutions.

Depending on your business needs and budget, you can choose from a range of products, from entry-level digital color label printers to industry-grade finishers and presses. Say hello to ultimate flexibility in label finishing with our Afinia Label Printers, and make your label printing fully in-house. Other benefits include:

  • Quickly and effortlessly customize the quality, size, look, and quantity of your labels
  • Avoid visits to third-party label printers, thus saving time and money
  • Easily adjust your labels as per your product packaging before shipping the product
  • Print as many labels as you need on demand and receive the precise quantity when and where you need it
  • Enter your brand’s QR codes and barcodes on the product labels with complete ease
  • Minimize delivery time to market by competently decreasing redundant and lengthy downtimes

    Which Afinia Label Printer is the Best Choice for your Business?

    The comparison chart below provides an overview of our Afinia Color Label Printers to help Businesses make a selection according to their specific needs. Businesses that choose to print their own color labels generally see long termsavings between 20 to 50 percenton average.

    Name Volume Ink Cost Speed Max Print Width Ink Type
    Afinia LT5C CMYK 2,500–25,000+ labels/month Medium Fast 4.95 inches Toner
    L901 / L901 Plus 10,000–100K+ labels/month Extremely Low Fast 8.5 inches Dye
    Afinia L801 5,000–70,000+ labels/month Extremely Low Fast 8.5 inches Dye
    Afinia L701 2,500–20,000 labels/month Low Fast 8.5 inches Dye
    Afinia L502 2,500–20,000+ labels/month Medium Medium 8.5 inches Dye/Pigment
    Afinia L301 1000 - 2500 /月标签 Higher Low 6.0 inches Dye
    Afinia F502 500–20,000+ labels/month Medium Medium 8.5 inches Dye/Pigment

Best Afinia Label Printers Models

Afinia Color Label Printers enable you to print high-quality, full-color labels with a low startup cost. This series is among the most versatile, with products designed for small-scale businesses and large-scale industries. Different color label printers have different features. Here is a list of our top Afinia Label Printer models:

Afinia Label Printers: SMB

LT5C CMYK + White Label Printer

This Afinia printer provides expert five-color output for a diverse range of markets. It can print in white, features LED dry toner technology, works seamlessly with specialty media and foils, and is fully water-resistant. You can print in CMYK on a range of materials to produce professional-looking labels.

L701 Digital Color Label Printer

The Afinia L701 is the perfect option for small to medium-sized businesses since it allows you to print high-impact, full-color labels at the lowest startup cost. It features Memjet technology, making it an excellent choice for multi-printer applications or installations requiring strong performance, a compact design, and a low investment. It uses five big (150ml CYMKK) ink cartridges with cheap label costs and a high return on investment.

Afinia Commercial Label Printers

L901 Industrial

This printer features an industrial design combined with premium quality, high-production speeds, and the ability to maintain the printhead, making this option perfect for inline integration with applicators, dispensers, and high-volume digital label press configurations. The ink cartridges are ultra-low cost per print, which is a key factor in analyzing the cost of ownership when choosing an Afinia label printer.

L901 Plus Industrial

Afinia’s L901 Plus label printer features improved technology that allows it to service and maintain the printhead “on-the-fly.” This feature makes the printer perfect for printing long rolls of labels or integrating with applications, finishers, and dispensers inline. The main difference between the two is that the Afinia CP950 has patented water-resistant ink cartridges, making the labels significantly more long-lasting. The new technology also produces deeper blacks, helps prolong the shelf-life of a printhead, and utilizes responsibly-sourced inks.

L801 Commercial Color Label Printer

The Afinia L801 Commercial Color Label Printer is a Memjet-powered industrial printer that can accommodate small to medium-range printing needs. It can print on die-cut or continuous stock from 2 to 8.5 inches, in full color, and at a fast speed of 60 feet per minute. The super-fine resolution delivers crisp barcodes and text, even at super-small sizes. As other benefits, the printer has a 1.25 liter ink tank that supports long runs and offers low ink costs that are among the lowest in the industry.

DLP-2100 High-Volume Digital Label Press

With the Afinia DLP-2100, you can print, cut, die cut and finish more than 25,000 full-color 3 x 4 labels in one minute. This is a one-stop solution for all your die cutting, laminating, waste-removing, rewinding, and slitting needs.

This Afinia printer is ideal for large-scale businesses that produce high-volume labels since it helps them simplify inventory, minimize costs, and create flexibility.

Afinia Label Printers for Enterprise

FP-230 Flexible Packaging Press

The Afinia FP230 is perfect for small to mid-sized runs on different print designs. It uses small-format flexible packaging on demand with its inkjet Artysio Packaging Films from Sihl to produce full-color lively prints on roll-ups up to 230mm wide with a maximum speed of 18 m/min.

Different color matching is handled with ease thanks to the optional Northstar RIP. The water-resistant inks have been approved for food packaging when combined with inline cold lamination, providing strong sealing properties and functional barriers. This makes them a fantastic option for a wide variety of demanding product applications, such as supplements, cosmetics, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

Afinia CP950 Envelope Packaging and Box Color Label Printer

The Afinia CP950 Box Color Label Printer features a Memjet engine and a stationary printhead for maximum quality, speed, and reliability. It can be lowered or raised, thus allowing you to print on a variety of inkjet-coated and porous media with varying thicknesses. You can seamlessly create colorful and high-resolution labels up to 1600 DPI.

Afinia CP950 Plus Envelope Packaging and Box Color Label Printer

Another great product from Afinia printers is the Afinia CP950 Plus, which features the same technology as its CP950 counterpart. The main difference between the two is that the Afinia CP950 has patented water-resistant ink cartridges, making the labels significantly more long-lasting. The new technology also produces deeper blacks, helps prolong the shelf-life of a printhead, and utilizes responsibly-sourced inks.

Afinia L502杜o Ink Color Label Printer (Dye Version)

The L502 is the most flexible printer yet, and it can print water eye-catching labels for store shelves. Prints made with dye are incredibly smooth-looking and produce a richer color, making them ideal for packaging that must comply with GHS regulations for beverages and bath products.

If you are in a retail setting, these high-impact, bright, and vibrant dye-based prints on the L502 are perfect for high-end labeling applications. You can also interchange the L502’s ink from dye to pigment, providing adaptability never previously seen in the label printing industry.

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