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Chemical label printers

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Chemical label Printer


GHS Compliance Requirement

Chemical Label printers need to be carefully selected as printing them is a delicate and highly regulated practice that requires manufacturers and Business owners to follow labeling guidelines emphasizing consistency and comprehension of chemical labels. It’s beneficial to know what goes into aGHS compliant labelfor both primary and secondary containers. There are six key GHS label elements that you need to know.

  1. Signal Word
  2. GHS Symbols (Hazard Pictograms)
  3. Manufacturer Information
  4. Precautionary Statements / First Aid
  5. Hazard Statements
  6. Product Name or Identifiers

BS 5609 labels requires marine-grade adhesive and high resistance to chemicals, abrasion, bad weather, and even UV light. At TCS Dgital Solutions, we offer compatible substrate options with different surfaces, adhesive grades and laminates.

Eliminate delays and expenses with Chemical labeling

Nobody understands your product better than you. Create clear, concise messaging for your audience and prospects. When you have a chemical label printer on site you can design, modify, and print your labels the same day. It reduces the stress of minimum label orders, expensive purchasing rates, setup, rush, or shipping fees. These expenses can drive up costs far beyond just the price of the label.

打印您的化学标签内部保持这些costs in check and lets production—not packaging—determine your time-to-market.

Proprietary Chemical Label Printing

In-house private label printers allow massive potential for chemical manufacturers to sell the same products under multiple brand names and designs. Owning your own printer allows you to easily change designs and apply them to your containers and packaging to create fully-branded, customer-ready versions of your products.

Most GHS label printers use only basic red and black colors. With an Epson or Afinia Label printer, you can easily incorporate custom logos, photo-quality graphics, GHS symbols, text, barcode, and serializations—to stand out from the competition. TCS Digital has them available and ready for use.

Increase margins

Most companies see a full financial return on their investment within just months of purchasing. The combination of affordable technology, total logistic control, and minimal waste all add up to significant productivity and profit gains for your company.

Resources for Chemical Label Printers


Chemical Label Printing comes in multiple formats, sizes and configurations that are required for proper labeling of chemical products. Today, manufacturers are finding it much more cost-effective to print GHS labels in-house as part of their packaging process to save cost and gain better control. Get in touch with TCS Digital to get started.

A written HazCom plan that documents and outlines how your company responds to hazardous chemicals is required in order to comply withOSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.1200(e) regulationfor Hazard Communication.

Here at TCS Digital Solutions, we’ve made it a priority to carry the most reliable brands such asEPSON,AFINIA,QuickLabeland江南app官方入口下载to empower our partners to print customized, eye-catching chemical labels for their products.

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