Whether you are looking to label bulk products, industrial items, or a conveyor line, a label applicator can automate the general process, minimize costs, and enhance business efficiency.

Label Applicator

Label applicators are machines that apply pressure-sensitive labels to bottles, containers, drums, or packages as part of the labeling process. Label rolls are placed inside the applicators, dispensed, and applied onto the product surface, thereby upgrading the labeling process, reducing costs, and improving operational reliability. Due to their small size, label applicators can be installed practically anywhere without hogging large spaces. They also offer a wide array of helpful features that can be configured to fit any operation. There are different types of label applicators, including:

Hand-held label applicators. These are easy to use and more precise in delivering the results due to the high accuracy of label placements. This label applicator is perfect for smaller labels and application processes requiring more mobility and flexibility.

Bottle label applicators. These applicators are designed to accommodate cylindrical containers and sit smoothly on the product surface. Both big and small bottle label applicators come in semi-automatic and manual variations and either utilize a brush or roller application.

Tamp label applicators. These tiny devices are used to place the product label forcefully on the container's surface, thus creating a seal between the product and the label.

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Automatic Label Applicators

Automatic label applicators offer precise placement of pre-printed labels and reduce the need for a hand-apply or manual process. There is a built-in feature on these label application machines that allows the container to be positioned before a label can be applied. The label is applied smoothly once it has been positioned. Certain automatic label applicators have a system of repositioning the product more than once to apply multiple labels. The automatic label application machine you choose will depend on the following factors:

Operating expenses and price. Some automatic label applicators cost as little as $3000, while others can go as high as $20,000, depending on their features. Since fully automated applicators require zero human intervention, they come with a hefty price tag but can help the business save overtime, especially labor costs.

Company operations. If your business deals with a wide range of products, an automatic label applicator is ideal since it allows you to change the shapes and sizes of containers on the production line.

Power requirements. Heavy-duty automatic label applicators might require an outlet upgrade. The use of pneumatic machines and air-blown applicators requires compressed air.

Top Quality Label

Whenchoosing the best label printer for your business, it is best to consider the machine’s layout, power source, fonts, and other features.
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Bottle-Matic Automatic Label Applicators

If you are dealing with bottles and bottle-like containers, then Bottle-Matic automatic label applicators are a perfect investment.
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Benefits of label APPLICATORS

Save Money

Printing your own labels simply saves you money, regardless of your business size. Take advantage of the convenience of printing your own with a touch of history and authenticity that you and no one else are aware of. You can't go wrong with a label applicator.

Speed Up Delivery

美联社基于卷的生产是由简单标签plicators. Within a short time, you should begin to see operational benefits. A speedy fulfillment and delivery process will result in increased customer satisfaction for your brand.


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The Dispensa-Matic Bottle Label Applicator comes with a price you can’t ignore. Currently retailing at $2,886, this machine comes with an optical sensor for bottles and cylinders with a diameter of 0.5 to 8 inches. The sensors do not require adjustments, are capable of dispensing labels up to a thickness of 1 mil, minimize bubbles, and deliver perfectly proportional tapering. This machine is a label application powerhouse with a label speed of fewer than 2 seconds per bottle.

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This Optical Sensingbottlelabelapplicatoroffers semi-automatic bottle labeling and is ideal for both small and large containers. Since it uses thin labels, the application process is ultra-smooth and seamless. The machine uses DUA AC shaded pole gear motors and laser-cut side frames to deliver optimum precision and dexterity.

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The Deluxe Dual Label Bottle Matic-16” is designed to apply a front and back label to cylindrical products with a diameter of 5 to 6 inches and 2 to 15 inches in container height. It can handle most tapered containers by adjusting the idle roller position. With a labeling speed of 1200 pieces per hour, this machine also holds 1.64-inch side-to-side accuracy on most containers.

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This 16-inchlabel applicatorhas a three-year warranty and can print labels on cylindrical or round objects. All you need to do is place the container in the applicator and press the foot switch. After you press it, the machine applies a single label at 4.5 inches per second.

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This Deluxe model has all the essential options, including a waste rewinder, bottle detector, and label counter. You can print all cylindrical objects by placing the product and activating the foot switch. Once the applicator gets in a rhythm, it labels the bottles quicker (1200 pieces per hour).

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This 10-inch single-label applicator is used to apply single labels to containers with a diameter of 0.5 inches to 6 inches and a height ranging from 2 inches to 9 inches. The waste rewinder automatically rewinds the excess paper produced once the product has been labeled. Without this feature, excess paper could not be collected. The automatic labeling option enables you to insert the bottle, which automatically activates the labeler. The model comes with a foot switch, although it is not necessary.

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This 16-inch dual label applicator applies both front and back labels to your containers with a diameter of 0.5 inches to 6 inches and a height ranging from 2 to 15 inches. The machine holds 1/64thinch of most containers to ensure optimum accuracy. Moreover, the optical sensor works on all labels and delivers premium-quality results.

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The Dispensa-Matic 16”label applicator最完美的圆锥形容器由于its adjustable rollers. The laser-cut side frames from quality steel are formed, countersunk, de-burred, and then thoroughly inspected individually. The dispensing tables are made from 061-T6 aluminum, which gives the final results extreme precision.

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这个模型有一个10英寸Bottle-Maticlabel applicatorthat can apply labels to the front and back of the containers. Its high-quality design and features allow it to label more than 1200 products per hour. They can print labels on the majority of containers with a high level of precision and dexterity.

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Like other products on the list, the Dispensa-Matic 10-inchlabel applicatorapplies single labels on products every 2 seconds and can print over 1200 pieces per hour once it gets into the labeling mode. It can handle most tapered containers once the idle roller is positioned correctly.

Flex+Matic Flat Surface Electric Label Applicators

These are extremely fast and flexible electric label applicators that come in different sizes and with different features.

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一个光学传感器Dispensa Flex +电气自动方式特性that requires no adjustment or cleaning and can dispense labels up to a thickness of 1 mil. The 11 3/4-inch width of this labeler allows users to label any flat object by simply setting the spacing. This fast and flexible machine can label bags, pouches, envelopes, and CD/DVD cases.

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The Deluxe Flex+Matic can label 5 inches of a container per second, and it takes around 2 seconds to label an entire product. It has an 11 3/4 –inch width space that allows you to correctly label any flat object and is also able to handle most plastic bags effectively.

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With this label application machine, users can print all flat objects with a diameter of ¼ inch. Use the digital guide to set the desired spacing and then insert the object, after which the label will be applied automatically. The loading feature comes with a “snap,” where you have to feed the labels between the dispensing tables, then through the feed-roll assembly, and then “snap” it into place.

Flat-Matic Square Electric Label Applicators

This category is best for labeling bigger containers, such as boxes.

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With its no-adjust optical sensors, the Dispensa Flat-Matic features a 12-inch flat-matic disc that can label products with a width range of between 1.5 and 14 inches and a height range of ¼ to 4.5 inches, provided that a pressure arm is used. The height of products can be labeled without the use of a pressure arm.

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The Dispensa Flat-Matic 6″ also comes with no-adjust optical sensors and a 6-inch flat-matic disc that can label products with a width range of between 1 5/8 and 6 inches and a height range of ¼ to 4.5 inches, provided that the pressure arm is used. It is possible to label products at unlimited heights without using a pressure arm. The machine uses thin labels and applies them within 1/8 inch of the container.

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Label Applicator – Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers.

How Does a Label Applicator Work?

Label applicators stamp pressure-sensitive labels onto products, including box containers, packages, bags, or drums. Rolls of printed labels are inserted into the applicators, which are applied straight to the desired product. There are two categories of label-applying machinesone that applies already-printed labels and the other that prints information directly on the labels and then applies them to the products.

How Much Does a Label Applicator Cost?

The price of a label applicator machinewill vary depending on whether or not it is manual, semi-automatic, or automatic. The cost will also increase with the number of advanced features it offers. While manual and semi-automatic label applicatorscan cost as little as $200, automatic label applicatorsgenerally start from $3000 to $20,000.

Where Can I Get the Best Label Applicator?

江南体彩下载官网提供了一系列的标签应用者,给你plenty of options depending on your needs, the size of your business, and your budget. Whether you are a small business that doesn’t require tens of thousands of labels or a large company that requires a custom-engineered package, you are sure to find a solution! A high-quality label applicator won’t break the bank, and these machines are also very affordable. Moreover, the “free shipping” incentive can save you a couple hundred dollars!

Which is the Best Label Applicator for Use?

The best label applicatoris one that best fits your budget and meets your business/personal needs. Products from the Deluxe, Flex+Matic and Dispensa lines are ideal for all small, medium, and large-sizedbusinesses,thanks to their different features. The price tag on these products is another big plus, as it ensures you do not spend thousands of dollars on average-quality results. If you are looking to label bottles, then any product from the Bottle-Matic category would be your best bet.

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