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Are you tired of manually applying labels to your products and packages? It is time-consuming, and the process can be prone to errors. But there is a way to do this faster, without errors, and with less effort!
You are introducing the label dispenser—a machine that dispenses adhesive labels one at a time, quickly and efficiently. But keep in mind that not all label dispensers are created equal. Low-quality label dispensers can be slow, unreliable, and costly to maintain. This is why having a high-quality label dispenser from a trustworthy seller is crucial, especially if you want to establish your business as a class apart. A good label dispensing machine can increase the speed and accuracy of your labeling process and do some quality checks for you!
Imagine a label dispenser that is durable and reliable, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. One that consistently and accurately applies labels that improve the overall quality of your products and increase customer satisfaction. Who would not want that for their business, right?!
And now, you can easily invest in a high-quality label dispenser from reputed online sellers, such as江南体彩下载官网. Get rid of the hassle of manual labeling and enjoy the benefits of a faster, more efficient, and more accurate process by purchasing a premium label dispenser from our website. Our products have a three-year warranty period, including parts and labor. Moreover, if you ever need repair, we promise a one-day turnaround!

Best Automatic Label Dispensers

Investing in high-quality automatic label dispensers is crucial to scaling your labeling process and, by extension, your sales! Otherwise, it can cost you a lot of hours, manual labor, and capital. But do not worry, as we are here with a list of the best auto label dispenser machines that you can explore on TCS Digital Solutions to take your business to the next level:

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Benefits of Label Dispenser

Save Money

No matter what your business size is, you will save money by printing your own labels. Using your own printer will give you a touch of history and authenticity that no one else is aware of. Investing in a Label Dispenser is a great idea.

Speed Up Delivery

It is easier to produce volume-based products with Label Dispenser. It shouldn't take long for you to see the operational benefits. Customer satisfaction will increase if your brand is able to fulfill and deliver orders quickly.

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Designed to dispense labels quickly and accurately, the Dispensa-Matic U25 Photo Eye Label Dispenser features a photo-eye sensor. This specifically helps detect the labels and process them at a rate of up to 25 inches per second. The machine can be used in various settings, including warehouses, retail environments, and manufacturing facilities, to streamline the labeling process and increase efficiency. Also, this label dispenser can be used with a wide range of types and sizes of labels. With simple controls, it is easy to operate.

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If you are looking for the ultimate solution for all your labeling needs, let us introduce you to the Dispensa-Matic U25 Label Dispenser with Switch. With its cutting-edge switch technology, you can control the dispensing rate up to 25 inches per second! Imagine the time and resources you will save with this revolutionary label dispenser. Whether it is in a retail or manufacturing facility—or even a warehouse setting—this dispenser is designed to cut your label processing time in half! Give a boost to your team’s efficiency and reach new heights with this worthwhile investment. With the ability to handle label widths of up to 2.5 inches and user-friendly controls, dispensing labels will become a smooth process with this model.

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介绍你的业务的未来标签with the Dispensa-Matic U45 Label Dispenser with Photo-Eye. This state-of-the-art label dispensing machine features a powerful photo-eye sensor. It detects labels with added precision and dispenses them at lightning speed—up to 45 inches per second! Regardless of your requirement or facility, this dispenser is designed to simplify the labeling process with skyrocketing efficiency. The Dispensa-Matic U45 Label Dispenser with Photo-Eye can handle label widths of up to 4.5 inches and is quite beginner-friendly.

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Equipped with the latest switch technology, this Dispensa-Matic U45 label dispenser model allows you to take charge of the dispensing rate. You can process up to a staggering 45 inches per second! One of the best automatic label dispensers, this model is crafted to offer up to 4.5 inches of label width with user-friendly controls. It also features two different speed settings: High-speed (at 11 inches per second) and standard speed (at 5 inches per second). So if you wish to upgrade your labeling system today on a budget, this one is for you!

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让你的商业利用的终极labeling solution. The Dispensa-Matic U45 High-Speed Label Dispenser with Switch is a high-performance machine that can dispense up to 4.5’ wide labels. A simple yet heavy-duty option, this label dispenser machine packs the following features: two label sensing options (photo-detector and optical sensor); butt cut or die cut compatibility; high and standard speeds; a hand-shaped peel edge; and much more! So if you want to invest in an all-rounder automatic label dispenser, this should be it!

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The Dispensa-Matic U45 High-Speed Label Dispenser with Photo Eye is a game changer for businesses. With its dispensing capabilities of up to 45 inches per second, this powerful machine detects labels precisely and dispenses them quickly and accurately. This automatic label dispenser also has two-speed options: high speed (11 inches per second) and standard speed (5 inches per second). There are also two types of label sensing: photo-eye detectors and physical detectors (Switch). Further, you get butt-cut or die-cut compatibility, multiple-row compatibility, semi-automatic functioning, and the convenient pick-apply-repeat option. For anything that needs a small label, this model is the best!

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你的标记过程带到了新的高度s easy with the Dispensa-Matic U60 Label Dispenser with Photo-Eye. This advanced machine can dispense up to 60 inches per second! Aside from accommodating label widths of up to 6 inches, the automatic label dispenser packs a U-60 motor for a powerful performance. What is more, you get polished dispensing tables crafted using aircraft-grade aluminum and a hand-milled peel edge so that there is no tearing of the backing paper!

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The high-performing Dispensa-Matic U60 Label Dispenser with Switch is equipped with advanced technology that allows you to control the dispensing rate at an incredible speed of up to 60 inches per second! With the ability to handle label widths of up to 6 inches and user-friendly controls, dispensing labels is easy and cost-effective with this automatic label dispenser! It is designed for labels from ⅜ of an inch to just about any length!

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Loaded with the latest switch technology to ensure a smooth dispensing process, the Dispensa-Matic DM 6 with Switch allows you to process labels in a wide format (2–14 inches). These heavy-duty, semi-automatic label dispenser packs feature dual sensing options, a paper waste-prevention system, and die-cut compatibility. It also has the pick-apply-repeat functionality, which can save a significant chunk of time and effort.

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If your requirements involve rolls up to 14 inches wide, then the Dispensa-Matic DM-II 6 with Photo-Eye is the safest bet. The DM-II comes in three sizes for you to pick from 6-II, 10-II, and 16-II. All three variations have different width compatibilities, so you can choose according to your business requirements.

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Another heavy-duty option for dispensing labels is this semi-automatic label dispenser, which is perfect for width requirements of 2–14 inches and practically any length. This model runs at over 6 inches per second—an astonishing speed compared to any average label dispenser available today. This model also has two sensing options: photo-detector and physical detector. Notably, the DM-II models are best for fanfold or roll labels and also do not produce any waste.

Label Dispenser indu d4

Another heavy-duty option for dispensing labels is this semi-automatic label dispenser, which is perfect for width requirements of 2–14 inches and practically any length. This model runs at over 6 inches per second—an astonishing speed compared to any average label dispenser available today. This model also has two sensing options: photo-detector and physical detector. Notably, the DM-II models are best for fanfold or roll labels and also do not produce any waste.

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A great investment towards reducing your label application and dispensing costs, the Dispensa-Matic DM 16-II with Switch packs the following features: It is a semi-automatic label dispenser machine; it can dispense labels from 2 to 14-inch wide; it can produce any length required; it is compatible with rolls up to 15-inch diameter; it has dual label sensing options; and much more!

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Last, but not least, on our list of the best automatic and semi-automatic label dispensers, this model is a wide-format compatible label dispensing machine. It can process label rolls of up to 14-inch diameter at a constant speed. Some other features include dispensing advances at over 6 inches per second, two label-sensing options (standard and the brand-new Dispensa-Matic patented optical sensor), operation with fewer than 2 grams of force; and butt cut or die cut compatibility.

总的来说,取决于你想要使用和requirements for labeling, you can take your pick from any of the models listed above. You can shop for these at TCS Digital Solutions to avail yourself of a full three-year warranty, including labor and parts, a one-day turnaround for repairs, and a satisfaction guarantee! If you are unhappy with the product, you can send it back within 21 days of purchase.

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Label Dispenser – Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers.

How does a label dispenser work?

Most label dispensers can produce individual or multiple-row labels, automatically removing them from their lining. This process is similar to a manual dispenser. However, instead of manually pulling on the liner as in the case of a manual dispenser, an automatic label dispenser will push labels forward when it detects the absence of a label. This typically happens when the user removes the label.

How do you put labels on a dispenser label?

To begin loading your new label dispenser machine, ensure the unit is shut off. Now, to mount your roll of labels, place the side guides that came with the machine. Place one guide on each side of the roll. Next, place the roll on the upper shaft of the label dispenser and tighten the locking collar securely. Then you need to feed the label to the label liner underneath both rods and around the dispensing plate. Then guide the label material back to the take-up spool and slide the clip on so the material does not slip off. Then, put the side guide on the rod and lock it in place.

Before you turn it on, remember to adjust the photo-eye to its correct position. At this point, you can move the photo-eye sensor further out to dispense the label. Now, pick the dispensed label for the next one to be pushed forward.

How do you use a label box dispenser?

When you first receive the label box dispenser, such as the Flat-Matic, you can follow these steps to set it up:

  • Install the pressure arm and adjust it by removing the screws and placing them atop the main body of the dispenser. Place both screws from the inside out and secure them with nuts on the other side.

  • 重复这个过程在另一边。

  • With the machine off, place the box under the pressure arm.

  • To change the height of the pressure arm, you can fix the rods’ position.

  • You can also adjust the height of the laser for shorter/taller boxes.

  • Next, adjust the receiver’s height according to the box’s height by loosening the thumb nuts and placing them back again after the adjustment.

  • The laser should ideally go into the receiver and not appear on the white area.

  • Now, remove the collar from the roll holder rod and put the roll guide on one side.

  • Put the core inserts onto the label roll and slide it on the holder, securing the other side with the second guide.

  • Then, slide and lift the front plate and load the label roll onto the machine.

  • Lift the label (facing down) from under the machine and bring it over. Make sure the labels are going through the sensor and not behind it.

  • Your labels will feed directly around the dispensing table and under the belt.

  • Pull the backing paper towards the back of the machine and stick it onto the label roll.

  • Finally, turn on the machine and place your box to be labeled on it. Adjust the side guides so that the box is secured in the middle but not too tightly.

  • Set the digital display as per the inches your box or container should be labeled.

How much does a label dispenser cost?

The best label dispenser models from the Dispensa-Matic brand can cost anywhere between $540 and $1,000, depending on the machine you pick. When finalizing a high-quality label dispenser, check out all the options on reputed reseller websites, such as TCS Digital Solutions, for the best deals.

Where can I get the best label dispenser?

There are many options available for under label dispensers on the market today. However, do not let yourself get confused with the variety. Remember that the best label dispenser for your business is one that meets all your requirements without burning a hole in your pocket. So, the best place to get a label dispenser would be from an online reseller that can give you additional discounts and deals. One such place you can blindly trust is TCS Digital Solutions.

Which is the best label applicator to use?

The best label applicator or label dispenser would depend on the type of labels and products you have to work with. The following label dispensers are considered the best in the market: Dispensa-Matic U25 with Photo-eye, Dispensa-Matic U45 with Switch, Dispensa-Matic DM-II 6 with Switch, Dispensa-Matic DM-II 6 with Photo-eye, Dispensa-Matic DM 10-II with Switch, and Dispensa-Matic DM 16-II with Photo-eye. All of these options are available on the TCS Digital Solutions online platform.

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Wine label printers can be difficult to choose as they come in different sizes ans shapes based on the application. Here at TCS Digital, our focus is to help our customers get the right solution for their wine or food business. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we will always strive to do what it takes to exceed your expectations.

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